Comments on the songs

Comments on the songs by Håkan Rydin

1. “America Song” and 10. “Alonzo and Imogene” Old Swedish folk songs adapted by my friend, the bass player Ulf Rådelius. Except for a private recording by Ulf, these songs have never been recorded in a jazz context before.

2. “I Didn't Know What Time It Was” I did this arrangement several years ago and we have performed the song many times. I also play the verse as an intro.

3. “Silhouette” I consider the late Lars Gullin as the greatest jazz musician in Scandinavia ever. This is one of his lovely ballads. We do it in B – instead of Bb – to get a somewhat brighter sound.

4. “Dreamer” This is a seldom-heard composition by McCoy Tyner. This is a feature for Hans, who presents the melody and takes the first solo.

5. “Love Letters” We change the key every chorus. It also gives extra focus on Mårgan

6. “Everything Under Heaven's Firmament” (“Allt under himmelens fäste”) This old Swedish folk song is well known in our country, but seldom played by jazz musicians.

7. “Big, Little Girl” A new original, dedicated to singer Kim Parker with whom I have been playing for a long time.

8. “From Foreign Countries…” Robert Schumann wrote his collection "Kinderszenen in 1838 and this piece – with the German title ”Von Fremden Ländern und Menschen" is well known by every classical piano player. I made only minor changes and added some color to adapt it to us. I have never heard it performed as a jazz song.

9. “Sticks” This classic by Cannonball Adderley, which has been given a rhythmic update, is a 14 bar blues.

10. See 1.

11. “Haunted Heart” We play this ballad in medium tempo