Comments on the songs

After the recording of the CD “Beautiful Friendship” Kim Parker wrote:

As a small child, I instinctively knew that musicians are a special breed. They are intelligent and resilient. I think there is no one more adaptable to the life of music than the jazz musician. The rewards are sometimes huge, but often small; sometimes imperceptible. There may be only time for a sandwich on the run; the toilet is in the hall, or maybe the bed is only a piece of furniture to rest your luggage before it’s time to leave for the next gig. Still we soldier on, going from town to city to continent, asking only to play, asking only for a pair of ears to hear what we have come to do. I first came to Sweden in 1988 at the invitation of Holger Sönne. My mother, Chan, was also invited and because we are long-time road buddies we were ready and eager to embrace another experience.

The first gig was at the Jazzklubb in Helsingborg with the band “Nexus”. The tour to follow was three weeks long and would cover most of Sweden. I had become somewhat adept at working with musicians with whom I had never worked. Still... you never know. Three weeks is a long time if your coat doesn’t ft. I got more than a good fit. I got Håkan Rydin, Ulf Rådelius and Anders Lagerlöf. In short, that tour in Sweden gave me four brothers.

The collaboration with Nexus lasted six years. Inge Petersson had joined the group, giving us a freshness and an edge. We hung together as family, sharing incredible, indelible experiences.

Håkan Rydin, my dear brother, the man who uses no written music, the guy with the big safety net, has formed a new trio. I joined them for a tour in 1995.

Mårgan Höglund and Hans Andersson are wonderfully tasty players and great road rats. We hoped to continue working together.

The call came. Just like in the movies. “Lasse Samuelson here. How would you like to record for Four Leaf Clover Records?” “Oh yeah. We could do that! Where? When?” Don’t you just love the movies? This wasn’t the movies but the real thing.

The leading man (Samuelson) added his enthusiasm to ours, which gave us what you hold in your hand today. Lasse, a musician and arranger, could hear the things we were hoping to convey through our modest songs. He gave us the opportunity, the space (the National Radio, Malmö) and the big ears to guide us through. He gave us himself but he also gave us Hans Larsson, our engineer. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and humanity. The musicians, the setting, the love and guidance of these two men and the time we spent together, is all that this album signifies.

To call it “A Beautiful Friendship” is just what it says. It started with Holger Sönne and Håkan Rydin and Nexus. It continues through Mårgan and Hans, Lasse and Hasse. It travels the small roads of Sweden, up and back again, out and beyond. There is no substitute for friendship and I have been blessed.

Kim Parker
Delaware Water Gap
Summer ’96