Download for free some of Håkan Rydin's compositions (as PDF-files). You can also listen to Amerikavisan (America Song).

Amerikavisan   (1 page – 80 kb) - Listen
Amerikavisan (America Song), the first track on “Tender Silhouette” is a Swedish folk song, adapted by bass player Ulf Rådelius.

Baboo   (1 page – 72 kb)
Dedicated to Håkan Rydin's wife Barbro. Recorded on "Beautiful Friendship".

Man's Best Friend   (1 page - 80 kb)
“Baboo” with English lyrics by Eric Lunell.

Big, Little Girl   (1 page – 56 kb)
Recorded on “Tender Silhouette”.

Emma   (5 pages – 111 kb)
Dedicated to Emma, Håkan’s daughter. Recorded on “Live in Canada”.

Enrico   (1 page – 52 kb)
Dedicated to the great Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava. To be recorded.

Hey   (1 page – 54 kb)
To be recorded.

Kanninga   (2 pages – 68 kb)
Dedicated to David, Håkan’s son. Recorded on “Nexus meets Enrico Rava”.

New Bop   (2 pages – 84 kb)
To be recorded.

Ny Mening   (1 page – 88 kb)
This is “Riktning” with Swedish lyrics by Erik Lunell. Recorded with English lyrics on “Love is a Splendored Thing”.

Replenishment   (1 page – 44 kb)
Recorded in instrumental version on “Nexus meets Enrico Rava”and with vocals on "Love Is A Splendord Thing".

Repleninsment - with lyrics (1 page – 60 kb)
English lyrics by Erik Lunell. Recorded on “Love is a Splendored Thing”

Riktning   (1 page – 56 kb)
Recorded with English lyrics by Erik Lunell on “Love is a Splendored Thing”.

Something Added   (2 pages – 108 kb)
Swedish lyrics by Erik Lunell (“Såsom Gungor”). Recorded in instrumental version on “Nexus meets Enrico Rava”.

Top of the Tree   (2 pages – 63 kb)
To be recorded.

Twenty-Five Years   (1 page – 56 kb)
Composed 2005 after twenty-five years of marriage. Recorded by Jan Lundgren "Man in the Fog" (Bee 059).